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>>> BVT_029 -- May 17, 2018 <<<

Fixed view erratically jumping when switching from free mouse to free cam mode, running on Win os.

Fixed terrain sizes for lower end graphics card and limited video ram.
The generation now adapts to available resources:
high: 1024x1024 @ 256 colours
medium: 512x512 @ 128 colours
low: 256x256 @ 64 colours

Fixed internal issues with render context creation.

Added ability to deactivate Palette extension on terrain generation.
Useful if you want to keep a full palette that hasn't been used for terrain yet.
Press ctrl + F8 (+ number) to generate terrain without palette extension on first time.

Added manual setting of detail level for terrain.
Lower detail settings generate and save considerably faster.
The default detail level depends on the available amount of cubes for your PC.

low: alt + ctrl + F8
medium: alt + shift + F8
high: alt + shift + ctrl + F8

But it will only accept the chosen detail if it has the resources for it available
to completely finish the terrain, else it will revert to default detail for this system.

Also note, that this manual setting only works on the first time of generation in your session,
due unpracticality of the the current GUI and avoiding conflicts of the palette extension.

Added real-time interactive effects experiment.
Like the terrain, this feature is just for first testing purposes.
It will be better developed sometimes in the future along other components.

Press F7 to start fire effect.
Shift + F7 for volumetric Dunes.
Pressing F7 while any above are running, toggles pause/unpause.

Press Ctrl + F7 for water effect.
Ctrl + Shift + F7 for volumetric water waves.
Pressing Ctrl + F7 while any above are running, toggles pause/unpause.

When an effect is started, a special palette is generated.
As usual, you can change the colour scheme manually.

Most of these effects can be played with simply by painting into the scene.
In general, the further down the colour in the palette, the more intense the affect.

While both the terrain and these effects make full use of the 8-bit colour palette,
in order to demonstrate a maximum stylistic difference to previous showcases
in just how smooth pixel graphics can look despite these limitations,
both could run at a much lower colour count with satisfying results.

The process of the effects is completely generalized.
That means, they read-in space of the world, and write back to it based on that.
This opens up interactivity with the user and with any other entity operating in the same space,
whether it is several effects affecting eachother, or with game rules, phyiscs, AI, generation, etc.

I consider this kind of playful-emergent interactivity as a fully realized "physical reality" in the world,
one of the major strong points of the pixel/voxel paradigm, which is especially well suited for this,
in certain ways, with unique properties to this, as an art form and technical principle.

The trade-off is in performance. At maximum flexibility, without specialized code,
it costs more runtime. Depending on how much interactivity is actually needed in application,
and the needed scale of operation, there is still room for a lot of optimizations specific to a case.
However, this demo here operates at maximum generalization, even though it does not fully take advantage of it.

Another thing of interest is seeing how a wall of cubes can be used as a screen for rendering out pixel art graphics.
It is entirely possible to create an entire 2d game of any kind, running on a wall in the world.
The wall doesn't have to be flat and even, it can be a complex construct.

On principle there is all kinds of possibilities with how effects and rendering can be combined for astounding scenes.
It is as much about having the game logic directly interact with art, in a combined creative effort, that makes pixel art interesting.

>>> BVT_028c -- March 21, 2018 <<<

Fixed manually flipping a tile on vertical either corrupting the cubes or crashing in the newer versions.

>>> BVT_028b -- March 20, 2018 <<<

Fixed messing up palette with over-extend, from loading an old terrain before generating new one.
Note: this works correctly is only when loading terrain files from this version.

Fixed generate Terrain not properly deleting current scene on multiple frames to free memory.

By default, terrain generation extends the base palette from 32 to 256.
But it only does this once when you generate for the first time.

Added ability to manually force a palette extension for next generation.
To do this, press Shift + F8.

Added ability back to generate terrain of random type simply by pressing and releasing key F8;
You still can specify which terrain type you want by holding F8 and pressing a number 0 - 9.

>>> BVT_028 -- March 19, 2018 <<<

Fixed various issues with terrain, most notably a possible crash on save and load.

Improved terrain generation.

The terrain now pops much better from the ground, with rolling hills and high mountain ranges.

You can now pick what kind of terrain you want specifically.
For this the key function had to change:

You now keep holding F8, and while holding press a number from 0 to 9.

The numbers represent the general world level of the terrain.
Starting from 0 Underworld to high mountain region on 9.

Also remember, that since the terrain colour theme draws from the palette,
you can change the palette such to change the nature of the landscape to your desire.
For example, you can turn the default mountains from dry and rocky to ice bergs and glaciers.

Note that saving a very complex terrain to file might take a while longer than usual.

Also note that since the terrain function automatically extends the first 32 colour in the palette
to a full 256 colours now, to fit the various terrains, when you have already loaded a full palette
by loading an existing terrain from file, generating a new one on top of that may have weird results.

>>> BVT_027 -- March 16, 2018 <<<

Fixed case in which volume colour of cubes is not always saved properly.

Fixed save/load not registering when only frames have been added/removed/timeadjusted.

Fixed HDR colour values not saving properly and messing up the loading process.
(Effects such as overbright on entire palette are now saved, and can be undone on reload)

Fixed incorrect RGB/HSL calculation, causing discrepancy between rgb and hsl values upon adjusting colours.
(this is a very old bug that has ever since badly messed up control on colours)

Fixed mass modification of marked colours not working in timeline mode across all palettes assigned to frames.

Reduced size of colour palette file by up to 95%.

Added new Tool Mode on key 4: Transparency.

Left Button:
Turn cubes transparent.

Right Button:
Turn cubes back to opaque.

Right now the transparency is fixed to 50%.
In later updates for the GUI, you may adjust that.

Added terrain generator.

Press key F8 to create a procedural terrain. Takes a couple seconds.
The terrain varies, press repeatedly until you found what you are looking for.
The first 32 colours of palette will get extended to 128 for the terrain.

>>> BVT_026 -- June 28, 2017 <<<

Fixed handling the attempt of loading a scene larger than the available video memory.
Blackbox will attempt to load as many complete frames as fit into memory, and skip those that don't.

Fixed possible issue with trying to load extremely complex scene.

Fixed a minor memory leak.

Reduced save time for a very complex scene by 75%, from 8 seconds to 2 seconds max.

Reduced size of colour palette file by up to 75%.

>>> BVT_025 -- June 24, 2017 <<<

Fixed swapping palette of frame not registered as change to enable save or load.

Fixed mixing colours not properly updating all frames tied to affected palettes.

Fixed animation not properly saving and loading frame palette assignments.

Fixed loading palette overwrite with default system palette.

Fixed Animation stutter on first loop after load.

Fixed shift-delete shoot-through not working with Timeline mode.

Fixed frame content transfer with ctrl + Plus not transfering palette assignment.

Fixed mini cam keys F1 - F2 not working when GUI off.

Fixed middle mouse button switch usable when selection hidden.

Fixed some minor internal issues.

Reduced file size by up to 75%, from about 12MB to about 3MB for a full scene.
However, the real size depends on the scene. It is between 3 and 6 MB on average.
Compressing the file as .zip further shrinks it down to about 0.25 MB.

AMD has fixed their graphics drivers with the latest version 17.6.2. for Win10.
Blackbox should run without issues again on up-to-date machines.

>>> BVT_024 -- June 10, 2017 <<<

Reduced file size by 50%, from about 24MB to about 12MB for a full scene.

>>> BVT_023 -- June 6, 2017 <<<

Fixed mouse pointer when switching from presentation to edit in animation with free mouse.

Reduced file size by 45%, from about 42MB to about 24MB for a full scene.

Reduced loading time by 95%, from half a minute to about 2 seconds for a full scene.

While the former file format prioritized robustness, this new one prioritizes performance.
As usual, Blackbox is backwards compatible to all earlier file formats.
However, the improved load time is only when loading from this new file format.
You can load your old works, and simply save them over in the new version.

>>> BVT_022 -- May 28, 2017 <<<

Fixed prediction of cubes/chunks on action Copy tile from another frame,
preventing a copy even though there should be still enough memory for it.

Fixed mass mixing colours with ctrl-alt-Pick in Timeline mode not affecting all frames.

Fixed key t not first reverting to standard Timeline when pressed from within Backward/Forward.


There currently is an issue with the latest AMD graphics card drivers.

If Blackbox does not work for you now, the last driver versions known to work are:

Microsoft Windows 10 + Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.2

Linux Ubuntu ‚Äč16.04.2 (LTS) + AMDGPU-PRO-16.40

When AMD have fixed their latest drivers, I will notify you in an update note like this.

>>> BVT_021 -- May 19, 2017 <<<

Fixed colourize in wholesome mode not working on a cube of same inner volume colour.

Fixed flipping or rotating a single or partial cube not working properly.

Fixed hotkey r for picking and mixing colours not working on repeated use.

Fixed potential issues with swapping palette while changing colour.

Fixed keys that are not supposed to work in certain modes.

Fixed line tool deleting last voxel of scene.

Changed app logo for a more fitting graphic.

Added perspective to Presentation.
shift + p to enter Presentation mode with perspective distortion instead of orthographic view.
while in Presentation mode, shift + p toggles orthographic view. Press only p to exit Presentation as usual.

Added hide Selection instead entire GUI.
shift + f to toggle hide only cube selection graphic.
Good for adjusting palette on scene without having selection distract you.

Added animation to mini cams for preview.
Hold cam key F1 - F4 + number key 0 to assign running animation to mini cam. It toggles.
Hold Ctrl + number key 0 to toggle all mini cams for animation at once. + shift to include main.
Mini cams in animation work even if the main screen is not in animation.
This gives you a preview on your animation work in progress.

Added in-animation editing.
You can edit the scene while the animation is actively running on your main screen.
This gives you the ability to make some cool effects with little work.
Usually, the effect will look like "moving ants" following along the path you draw.
But depending on the editing mode, also allows for other tricks like cascaded animations.
By assigning each frame a different palette, you can paint realtime with animated colour.
Remember that the key to toggle animation on/off is number 0.

Added Timeline mode.
Pressing key t toggles on/off the Timeline mode.
When active, operations like Add, Delete, Copy, rotate, flip affect all frames at once.

You can copy a whole animated tile across all frames at once.
You can easily make stable changes on a running animation.

Timeline also affects the palette management:
All palettes assigned to frames are affect the same by changing or moving colours.
This also includes mixing colours with alt-pick.

Timeline has two more sub modes: Forward and Backward.
key shift + t: Timeline Forward only affects all frames from your current frame forward.
key ctrl + t: Timeline Backward only affects all frames from your current frame backward.
This also affects operations on colour palette, as assigned to frames.

In a running animation, Timeline forward behaves like recording your actions.
Timeline Backward behaves like undoing your actions across the animation.

Added Timeshift Copy.
The marker for copy tile now remembers the frame it was placed on.
That means you can copy marked content from one frame to another.
It is especially useful for adding new animations to an existing animation,
without having to do a full scene frame copy.

An active animation or Timline copy overrides a Timeshift copy, for full animation copy.

>>> BVT_020c -- Dec 26, 2016 <<<

Fixed smallest voxel size level not saving correctly to file.

>>> BVT_020b -- Dec 25, 2016 <<<

Fixed geometric breakdown on smallest size levels.

>>> BVT_020 -- Dec 25, 2016 <<<

Fixed unnecessary loads or saves, and button mashing on Load/Save stacking up.

Fixed crash on load/save to a file that was deleted in an active session.

Fixed dangling and backup problems with open files.

Fixed current colour not reseting on palette load.

Fixed conflict of running animation on load.

Reduced remaining artifacts.

Reduced file size by 75% for same amount of voxels.

Reduced runtime memory and improved management on same amount of voxels.

Increased maximum voxels from 1.5 million to 3 million.

Increased maximum frames to 600.

Loading a full scene can take very long now.
Be patient. Expect more improvements upcoming.

When a single frame has most of the many cubes,
palette changes on it have a noticable delay.
Though this will be fixed in a future upgrade,
working with such a large scene is strainful at any case.
The true purpose of the greater cube count is to have
more material for animations across multiple frames.

>>> BVT_v01z -- Dec 17, 2016 <<<

Fixed index corruption when moving palette.

Fixed frame time precision.

>>> BVT_v01y -- Dec 17, 2016 <<<

Fixed crash when a frame exceeds its voxel capacity.

Fixed palette management corrupting other frames.

Fixed possible issue with selection on frame switch.

Fixed palette transfers not updating other frames.

Fixed new frame palette not set to current palette.

Fixed colour manipulation while in animation mode.

Fixed boundaries in mass colour modification.

Changed number of slots in palatte from 1024 to 256.
(may increase again later if necessary, but want to see this play out first.)

Changed default frame time modifier step from 25 milliseconds to 1/60 fps.

Added File System. You can now save to file.

key F5 for saving model and palette to file save.bvt
shift + F5 for saving only model to file save.vmp.
ctrl + F5 for saving only colour palette to file save.vcp.

key F6 for loading model and palette from file save.bvt.
shift + F6 for loading only model from file save.vmp.
ctrl + F6 for loading only colour palette from file save.vcp.

The file system allows for many changes while keeping backwards compatibility.
Your old work files will always be usable in newer versions of Blackbox.

Currently the file sizes are relatively large, at about 85 MB for a full scene.
And loading a maximum scene may take several seconds, during which the program seems to freeze.
File sizes and load times will be greatly improved in later versions.

It is possible that a person saves a full scene work to file and gives it to another person.
The other person may have less video memory than the first. In that case the scene cannot be fully loaded.
Though it will try to salvage and load as much as possible from the scene as fits into the smaller memory.

>>> BVT_v01x -- Nov 21, 2016 <<<

Fixed how palette modification is supposed to work in Presentation mode.

FIxed mini cams in windowed mode when returning from presentation.

Fixed unintended auto-rotation on manual when in free mouse mode.

Fixed movement speed for all directions.

Added basic animation by frame.

key Plus/Minus for going to next/previous frame.
shift + Plus/Minus to insert new frame between current and next or delete current frame.
ctrl + Plus/Minus to copy content of current frame to the next/previous frame (overwrite).
shift + ctrl + Plus/Minus to insert new frame and copy current content at once.
Alt + Plus/Minus for swapping current frame with next/previous, instead of overwriting.

Keys Period/Comma are synonym to Plus/Minus.

Keys * or / for increasing or decreasing the timing of frame.
shift + * or / for modifying the step size for an increase or decrease.
The timing is copied over with a frame.

keys m or n is synonym to * or /.

To watch your animation press the number key 0 (toggle).
Or go into presentation mode with key p;
you can combine the animation with rotation.

Your colour palettes are global for all frames.
But each frame can have a different palette assigned.

The cube count is also global for all frames, instead of per frame.
That means you can have more or less voxels on different frames.
Use this to distribute your pool of cubes where needed most.
This way you make efficient use of memory.

Current maximum frames is 300. Even though you can freely distribute cubes,
the more frames you use, the less cubes can you spend on a single frame.
Using 300 frames means, each frame can't have more than 5000 cubes.
Having 1 frame means, you can spend all 1500000 cubes on it.
Having 10 frames means, you can spend 1450000 cubes max on any one of them,
or distribute these cubes in any other way you like across these 10 frames.

Note: Animation is still rudimentary.
It needs a more "gridless" copy of cubes.
The GUI needs a greater upgrade for more info.
But even though it is slightly awkward and disorienting,
seeing how frame animation interacts with the rest is interesting.

>>> BVT_v01w -- Oct 21, 2016 <<<

Fixed input handling when refocusing window by other means than clicking it.

Fixed key Alt conflicting with key Ctrl for other functions than Line.

Fixed weird selection frame when changing selection size while holding key Alt.

Fixed crash when trying to manually flip / rotate while changing selection size.

Fixed some minor issues with hidden Gui mode and hotkeys.

Fixed insufficient precision of vertex coordinate arithmetic.

Fixed or reduced artifacts in the rendering of cubes (breaking seams).

Changed default Field of View from 90 degree to 87.5.

Changed world size from 15 to 16 levels.

Changed miniumum move speed from 9 to 8.

(The scale has a better feel to it now.)

Changed mini cams to no longer transfer grid mode to main cam.

Changed default mini cams to orthographic projection, until you set them manually.

(Use F1-F4 + b to reset mini cams to that default.)

Added Presentation view mode for scene overview. Use key p to toggle it on/off.

When in this mode, your view is set to orthographic projection,
and your controls change: press keys w, a, s, d, q, e to rotate scene.

Ctrl + rotation key to keep a little spin in that direction going on its own.
Doing that several times in the same direction speeds it up.
In the opposite direction slows it back down again.
Doing a manual rotation in same direction or opposite cancels the auto spin.
Press key Enter to pause/resume all spinning.

Combine different directions at different speeds.
Finding weird spin patterns is fun to play with.
The Presentation mode remembers your auto spin settings,
so toggle in and out to work on your scene or watch it.

Shift + rotation key for one step by 45 degree.

You can swap palettes (arrow), toggle grid (tab),
reset view (b) and toggle mouse (spacebar) as usual.

Since Blackbox scale operates at the computational limits of computers,
we are wrestling with precision failures that cause artifacts in the rendering.
This is mostly caused by the Bit limits in floating point vertex coordinates.
We could greatly increase the scale of the visible world even more,
but then we'd also have to deal with ever so more pixel faults.
The current setting are right at the edge of this, a current sweet spot.

If consumer graphics hardware moves from 32bit to 64 bit precision processing,
this would give us a lot more room with a lot less artifacts to deal with.

But if necessary we could increase world size dramatically even now,
by 16 times in axis length, 256 times in surface area and 4096 times in volume
of the current one here, and try deal with the pixel faults by scene design.

However, for the time being, the current settings seem appropiate enough.

>>> BVT_v01v -- Oct 4, 2016 <<<

Fixed continuous palette swaps in late game overloading command queue.

Fixed scene and input handling while unfocusing and refocusing window.

Fixed mouse pointer conflicts with window border or unfocused window.

Fixed wholesome copy palette not working when current slot inactive,
or when cycling from first to last or last to first palette.

Fixed crash when trying to use last colour of palette.

Changed Shift-Pick to Alt-Pick for assigning selected colour to current slot in palette.

Added forced copy marking with Shift-Pick.
Use this to copy a single cube or even partial cube selection.
(e.g. to copy a cube with different coloured sides at once).

Added Colour mixing.
Alt-Pick now mixes the selected cube colour into the current slot colour.
The colour is set literal/unmixed, if the current slot is inactive.
Alt-Ctrl-Pick mixes the selected cube colour into all Marked Slots (Enter).
(Note: holding key Alt now deactivates the tools Line, Add, Delete, Paint.)
Make extensive use of this new feature to build your palette on the fly.

Added horizontal scroll bar for palette swap to bottum of palette list.
Palette swap now only updates scene after you're fully done navigating.

In Ubuntu Linux, Alt-RightClick in a window is a default override shortcut
to open up a control menu. To deactivate this default behavior, use the free tool:
CompizConfig Settings Manager (get it from the App store), then go to the menu:
General -> General Options -> Key Bindings -> "Window Menu"Button3,
and change it to a different key binding (simply disabling it may not be enough).

>>> BVT_v01u -- Sept 21, 2016 <<<

Fixed scene not updating correctly on palette swap or shift-pick colour or shift-delete cubes.

Fixed copy marker disappearing on no selection, and changing colour on different selection.

Fixed scene corruption by faulty video ram allocation on high end machines.

Fixed GUI not properly adapting and scaling to various screen resolutions.

Fixed crashes in multiple instances of program and input interpolation.

Fixed selection symbol not updating properly in some situations.

Fixed manual rotation on tile with gaps losing selection focus.

Fixed delete cube sometimes behaving unreliable on edge case.

Fixed unintended shoot-through on paint copy tile with gaps.

Fixed screen tearing and stutter on powerful machines.

Fixed painting not working across sides of same cube.

Fixed failed vram detection on AMD cards in Windows.

Fixed paint copy tile drawing through empty space.

Fixed wrong colour when using uninitialized slots.

Fixed faulty start-up view on some host platforms.

Fixed crash of faulty system ram allocation.

Fixed crash in Line function.

Fixed some internal issues.

Added scroll bar indicator to colour palette list,
for better orientation and management.

Added indicator for detected graphics chip vendor, in lower left corner.
Green square is Nvidea, red for AMD, blue Intel, black undefined.

Added indicator for cube count, next to gfx detect indicator.
Every square in row means 50k cubes available in total from memory.
They flip between a dark and bright shade for better differentiation.
A white line going through them means how many cubes currently in use.

Added manual resizing of palette menu bar.
shift + F9: increase size of palette bar.
ctrl + F9: decrease size of palette bar.

The maximum number of cubes is 1.5 million now,
depending on available video ram, limited at 2gb max use.
This memory limit remains until the code moves from 32bit to 64bit.

Resolved website downtimes and faulty ssl certificate warnings when using .www,
both caused by server relocation of the webhost service provider.

>>> BVT_v01t -- June 13, 2016 <<<

Upgraded window system: stage 2.
Virtualized windowing on gpu,
for better resource management
by cascaded Framebuffer system,
through rendering to texture.

Fixed screen tearing when moving through busy scenes.

Fixed occasional wild jumping window when moving it.

Fixed key c reacting only to release.

Reduced greatly the runtime cost of the mini cameras.
You can easily use them all even in complex scenes.
Takes less battery on Laptops, from idle to run.

Improved overall smoothness of operations
and behaviour in video capture.

added controls for transparent graphical user interface.
alt + F9 to toggle backround of palette menu bar.
alt + F11 to toggle backround of cams menu bar.

Added controls for mass cam modification:
ctrl + tab to toggle grid for all mini cams.
ctrl + shift + tab to include main cam.
ctrl + b to reset all mini cams.
ctrl + shift + b to include main cam.

Added adaptive memory allocation.
Currently available vram is detected,
and max number of cubes set accordingly.
It ranges from 300 thousand to 6 million.

If the last version didn't work for you,
there is a good chance it does now.

>>> BVT_v01s -- April 28, 2016 <<<

Fixed total performance breakdown on colour changes in massive scenes.
Scene updates after you're done changing colours with slider movement.

Increased max number of cubes from 2 million to 2.4 million.

Note: Blackbox is currently on greedy settings for tests.
Gaming-grade machine required, with recent drivers,
and no other expensive programs running for resources.
If these conditions are not met, you see no starting cube.
Restarting Blackbox or your computer may help clear it out,
otherwise upgrade your graphics card, with 2gb vram recommended.

>>> BVT_v01r -- April 24, 2016 <<<

Fixed an issue in which mouse buttons in free mouse mode
would only execute function when holding button and moving mouse.

Added improved line tool preview,
with actual wireframe cubes lined instead of just a simple line;
only reverts back to simple line if line is very long with too many cubes.

Increased max number of cubes from 950 thousand to 2 million.

>>> BVT_v01q -- April 22, 2016 <<<

Fixed all keys for all platforms, a possible crash and some minor issues.

Blackbox should perform the same on all platforms now.

Increased max number of cubes from 900k to 950k.

Decreased minimum movement speed,
alongside other adjustments to cam,
slightly more convenient for details.

>>> BVT_v01p -- April 1, 2016 <<<

Fixed crash when trying to copy&paste in some odd situations.

Fixed various problems when changing side of same selection.

Adjusted behaviour of the visual Marker for tiles.

Added manual rotation and Flipping:

When holding key Alt, the movement keys w, a, s, d, q, e
flip and rotate the currently selected side of cube or tile.

ALT + q, e: counter-clockwise and clockwise side rotation.
ALT + w, a, s, d: Flipping of side, up, left, down, right.

Use this to further adjust the normal auto-rotation of pasting.

>>> BVT_v01o -- March 30, 2016 <<<

Fixed performance breakdown after picking a Tile with large amount of cubes.

Fixed recurring issue with the new Pick while in capslock.

Fixed crash on close.

Reduced aggressiveness of Input Interpolation upon drawing.

Added marker graphic on picked tile.

whenever your current selection leaves
the area you Picked, a marker shows
the location you will copy&paste.

Added Rotation.

Copy&Paste now auto-rotates tile.

This depends on:
The side you were picking the tile at,
and the side you are pasting to.

This is useful for both,
intuitively painting tiles on different walls,
and rotating a tile on the same spot.

Holding key Shift while Picking a tile,
deactivates auto-rotation for that tile upon paste.
The sides of picking and pasting then don't matter.

This feature plays to an advantage in workflow of 3d.
You can reduce the minimum amount of tiles required for a full set,
and greatly enhance visual variety at little to no extra work.
Further takes advantage in fractal mass construction methods.

More manual rotation and flipping come later.

>>> BVT_v01n -- March 8, 2016 <<<

Improved performance of operations on model for mass modification.
(Deleting or copying large numbers of cubes should be noticeably faster)

Fixed crash in extremely complex scenes.
(too many unique vertices tracked; connected
cubes/triangles in Blackbox can share their vertices,
indexed, for reduced memory and coherent mesh deformation.)

>>> BVT_v01m -- March 7, 2016 <<<

Non-public dummy version

>>> BVT_v01l -- March 6, 2016 <<<

Increased cube limit from 600k to 900k.

Fixed Line tool (holding Ctrl key).
While the Line tool worked fine on Ubuntu Wine,
for actual Windows users it disappeared after
about one second upon still holding the Ctrl key.
The Line tool now stays active as long as you hold the Ctrl key.

Fixed block colour palette Marking (Ctrl+Enter)and Deactivation(Ctrl+Backspace) for Win10 users.

Added Copy&Paste, for a first take on tiling.
This transforms the workflow of Blackbox into Pattern Orientation.

Whenever you have selected more than one cube,
the Pick tool marks that for Copy&Paste, instead of colour.
Remember, you Pick either by pressing key "r",
or by default Right Click Mouse in Paint Mode (key "2").


Be sure to give this new feature a lot of attention.
Experiment with patterns of beauty, construct fractals.
This feature is very powerful, remember the second half of
the Natural Selection video for some examples on usage.

Always look out for picking reusable patterns in micro or macro,
similar to how you would pick colour.

As you should expect, you can easily resize the copy upon paste
simply by changing selection size with mousewheel.
There are various uses for that:
-- prepare your tileset at a comfortable work size,
and then miniaturize it upon actual use,
to fully leverage world scale.
-- hide your tileset as "micro film" within world.
-- fractal construct mass and shape very quickly.

This current copy is a straight location copy, instead of instanced.
That's probably going to change later, but in the meantime this enables
some interesting fractal tricks, like "infinite mirror"-esque effects.
It happens when you try to paste within the area you picked for copy.

Hard copy is very expensive, both in processing and memory usage.
This will be circumvented when referenced soft copy from tile palette comes later.

When a tile has holes through which you can see other tiles behind,
this may be problematic to paint with, since it may shoot-through.
Until this is fixed, remember that you have alternate Selection modes.
Use key "g" to toggle default Smart Select. Turning it off can avoid the problem.

Rotation and flipping still missing. Comes later.

>>> BVT_v01k -- January 25, 2016 <<<

Further optimizations and improvements to the rendering.

Increased cube limit from 300k to 600k.

Fixed an issue with windowing on smaller screens.

Fixed an issue with auto-resize on mini cams.

Reduced render faults on mini-cams; some machines had it especially bad.

>>> BVT_v01j -- January 20, 2016 <<<

Render System Upgrade: Stage 2. Improved runtime performance and memory footprint.

Maximum number of cubes tripled, from 100k to 300k.

Fixed occasionally vanishing scene.

Fixed Shift and Ctrl not working with mini cam after mini cam key is already on hold down select.

Mini cam default size adjusts to screen size on bootup.

Capslock no longer affects the Pick colour tool. That was too annoying in most use cases.
Always hold Shift if you want to assign a cube's colour to a slot. Tip: you can use this to copy slot colours.

Some Operating System versions seem to intercept the key combinations Ctrl + Enter and Ctrl + Backspace.
If these don't work for you, there are now alternative keys: Use the punctuation keys,
Comma for Backspace, Period for Enter, and each in combination with Ctrl.

>>> BVT_v01i -- January 5, 2016 <<<

Page-wise colour palette quick scrolling with ctrl + mousewheel.

Slowed down colour modifier bar speed, framerate independent.

Toned down RGB colour bar indicators, so they are not visually distracting.

Moving around colours in palette no longer messes up a finished scene,
as colours no longer "move out of their slot" to which the cubes would still be tied.
That means you can at any point of your work arbitrarily reorganize your palette without messing things up.
This is a very significant fix.

Some other minor fixes.

>>> BVT_v01h -- January 1, 2016 <<<

You can toggle on/off grid view of any mini cam
by the same method discussed earlier.
Keep holding any of F1 to F4,
and press the Tab key.
won't switch main view.

Colour control for Hue, Saturation, Luminance.

The keys used for RGB modification are now by default HSL controls.
If you still want RGB control, hold Shift while using them.

As before, the HSL controls can be used on several colours at once,
by first marking them, and then holding ctrl while using modifier keys.
Again, shift + ctrl now for RGB modification on several colours, as before.

Added changelog.txt to distribution.

-- colours are indexed. -- the scene updates realtime as you change colours.
-- the palette colours keep integrity while on mass modification, allowing to play with extreme effects.
-- but first and last colour in palette are system fixed and not modifiable.

>>> BVT_v01g -- December 29, 2015 <<<

Fixed Capslock behaviour with rest of the controls.

Capslock permanently activates the alternate functionality of only the mouse buttons, like holding Shift would.
But Capslock no longer interferes with any other hotkey like holding Shift would.

Changed control:

You can use Swap mini cams now without changing your mainview,
As long as you hold a F1 - F4 key, the main cam does not immediately jump, but select the new mini cam.
Only when you release the key does it actually jump to the newly selected mini cam.

This allows for swapping cams without jump of main view,
because when you press another F cam key while holding the first,
it will know to swap cams but not jump main view upon releasing keys.

But this scheme also allows other operations on mini cams.

While holding any of F1 to F4 for selecting mini cam,
and then pressing key b, sets that mini cam back to default status,
without a need to jump mainview to it for selection either.

>>> BVT_v01f -- December 28, 2015 <<<

Done some minor fixes.

New features:

Mini cams can swap places now.
Keep holding any of F1 to F4,
then press another cam of F1 to F4.

Press key b to set your main view back to its default status.
while holding shift sets the currently selected mini cam back to its default status.
while holding ctrl sets all mini cams back to their default status.

Changed control:

For quick scrolling the palette, both key combinations work: ctrl + mousewheel and shift + mousewheel.

While capslock still is a permanent shift +, it does not affect mousewheel for palette scroll.
You still need to press shift for palette scroll while in capslock.

>>> BVT_v01e -- December 27, 2015 <<<

Resolved some issues when running in Ubuntu Wine.

Also some other minor fixes.

>>> BVT_v01d -- December 27, 2015 <<<

Fixed last version's massive performance issue on shift-Delete Shoothrough.
Fixed ctrl + backspace colour block deactivation from first colour of palette.
Some other minor fixes.

New feature:

Press key Enter to Mark current colour in the palette.
while ctrl, marks entire block of active colours beneath.

More specifically, key Enter toggles the mark,
and ctrl + enter toggles mark for entire block;
unmarked colours become marked,
marked colours become unmarked.

The mark is remembered when moving colours
and on transfer between different palettes.

When using ctrl with the RGB colour component modifier keys,
the change now affects only all the marked colours in the palette.

This allows more effective colour palette management.

>>> BVT_v01c -- December 27, 2015 <<<

Fixed moving colour block behaviour in palette, especially on transfers between palettes.
Working as intended now. Remember, first and last colour of palette are unmodifiable system colours now. (not entirely: you can still shift-pick it, but that's fixed next version too)

Changed colour palette quick scrolling from shift to ctrl + mousewheel.
Because using shift/capslock for alternate controls on tool functions,
made the also corresponding size/palette switch on mousewheel annoying.

Before that, the activated Line tool didn't let you do size changes anyway, to keep its integrity.
So having ctrl also switch mouswheel from size change to palette scroll is a nice fit after all.

>>> BVT_v01b -- December 26, 2015 <<<

Updated readme.txt with corrections and additions. You should give it another look.

Fixed massive performance issue when deleting voxels with the left mouse button instead default right, and also when painting on surface of same colour.
Fixed other various issues tied to not using default controls. Reconfiguring controls broke input interpolation overall. Not anymore.

Fixed Line tool behaviour of Paint mode. Working as intended now.

Some other minor fixes.

New features:

You can toggle on/off the default smart select for a rougher method with key g.
While the finer smart select is more useful most often, sometimes it's really nice to select more sweepingly.

Improved palette management: colours can be moved as whole blocks at once by holding ctrl key while using arrow keys.

Pressing Backspace deactivates/activates the currently selected slot.
While holding ctrl deactivates an entire block of active colours beneath.

Arrow keys up or down to move in colour palette.
while holding shift moves a colour up or down the palette, by swapping the colours of slots.
while holding ctrl moves an entire block of active colours above or beneath up or down the palette;
when block connects with another block in palette, they become one and move together.
while holding ctrl + shift moves an entire block of active colours above or beneath up or down the palette;
when block connects with another block in palette, it passes through it, colour by colour, trading places.

Arrow key left or right changes palette entirely.
While holding shift copies the current slot colour to the same slot of next palette while switching.
While holding ctrl copies the whole block of active slot colours beneath to the same slots of next palette while switching.
While holding ctrl + shift copies all the colours of palette to the next palette while switching.

It's probably most useful in general to organize your palette in separate blocks of active colour.

The first and last slot of a palette are the system colour slots.
They can't be moved or manipulated. But they don't count towards the max colours of a palette.

>>> BVT_v01a -- December 24, 2015 <<<

Original Release.

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